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*Why Do Creativity Tools Matter in Business?*

For anyone running a business, getting out meeting new people for referrals, contacts, new business, new clients is key.

How do we get out there effectively, efficiently without feeling like you are wasting time with tire kickers and in worst cases, dream stealers? There are enough business activities that a “busy-ness” person needs to attend to that we sometimes are overwhelmed before we go out to network and meet others.

Do we have the direction we need and do we also know what to focus on to get successful business results sooner?

How do we truly connect, engage with and form lasting relationships with others so instantly? This is a golden question that only few of us may have the natural skills at, although every one of us can learn and develop ourselves, dealing and practicing your own interpersonal skills with others takes time.

As a new entrepreneur, this can all seem a daunting task, but the best part to look forward to is having a tribe to work with and to help you facilitate creative ways to actively engage with your possible audiences, and to have yourself represented in a professional way without necessarily being too serious.

There is definitely a chance to feel empowered in running our businesses, be professional yet have fun and at low cost.

Let’s have some fun and discuss, test out and discover one creative way you can overcome one of the biggest barriers as a newbie to the field of business and the world of Entrepreneurship!

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What you will learn
  • What magic happens when you meet & engage with potential clients, possible partners & stakeholders who may be present in your immediate networks but you are not yet aware of
  • How you can move to the next level with your business to create a valuable business tribe with referrers and advocates for more business opportunities or sales
  • Discuss together our experiences so far with business relationships, networking and business life as an introvert and/or business newbie
What you will get
  • Reflect and gain new and creative insights to obtaining business contacts from networking
  • Discover a useful tool to engage with others & build immediate working relationships, team-play and social engagement with others, while staying within a business context
  • Enjoy playing a Creativity game which will help you challenge your own skills and take you to the next level in empowering yourself out of your own shell and comfort zones

What to bring
  • Enthusiasm
What to wear


Appropriate for

Newbies to the field of business and the world of entrepreneurship

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